The workplace is flooded with stories of employees who are dissatisfied with the behavior of their employers towards them; and with good reason too. “My boss does not deserve all of the hard work I put into the business”. “My boss knowingly treats us unfairly – he claims to put employees first, but his actions clearly portray a different story”. “I am tired of this job, I deserve better, deserve an organization that sees work and understands my worth”. “My company promised to sponsor me for a professional training program outside the country as long as I maintained top performance consistently for two years. It’s been four years of doing the almost impossible to meet and exceed sales targets and two years of different excuses as to why the company cannot afford an international training program at this time.

In this article, I am definitely not referring to you if you have an entitlement mindset – going about feeling like the world owes you a favour or two. I am also absolutely not referring to you if you consistently refuse to pull your weight at work and do not put your best foot forward when you’re handed tasks to carry out. This piece is directed at employees who continually go above and beyond to make a positive difference, make an impact and go above and beyond to put a touch of excellence in their work.

As an employee myself, I know how depressing and downright frustrating it can be to do all you can for the growth of your organistion and for the same organization to not be deserving of your efforts. The pain that comes from unfulfilled promises that were made to somewhat “trick” you into motivating you to do an excellent job. The frustration that comes with waking up to another toxic work environment caused by management’s unfair treatment of their “most valued resource”. We could definitely go on and on to roll out dozens of reasons as to why you should stop putting in only your best at work, why you should no longer try to innovate on the job ever again, why you should no longer propose and champion those amazing new ideas. 

Well, I can think of a few reasons why that should not be the route you take.

You are ramping up for yourself a history of professional excellence.

Believe it or not, excellence is not something you dream up or wish with for yourself with a magic wand, the only way to have an excellent mindset is by doing your work diligently every single time, regardless of where you are, or who you work with. Now don’t be deceived, it is not easy to make excellence a way of life; it is even doubly difficult when an undeserving boss is the recipient of your excellence. Regardless, consider yourself to be in training until you make it a lifestyle to put your seal of excellence in everything.

You can confidently beat your chest to list your professional achievements.

Have you ever found it difficult to talk about your professional achievements before an interviewer? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not speaking of the modesty that makes you uncomfortable about bragging about your achievements. I’m talking about having nothing to talk about. You have no achievements to mention because you were too busy being upset with your employer and your situation to make any real impact. Don’t play into that game, it will stunt your professional growth. Wherever you are, make an impact and GROW.

You don’t have unaccounted gaps in your CV.

I know a few people who have had to remove years of professional experience from their CVs because they dare not run the risk of having a prospective employer running a background check and finding some unsavoury details about their past jobs. Yes I know, it wasn’t your fault, your previous employer was just downright evil. Well guess what, you wouldn’t be present during background checks to defend yourself and what happens if your previous employer is a golf buddy of your prospective employer. I guess I don’t have to tell you how that ends right?

For your own good, do your job with diligence, and don’t ever be tempted to burn bridges with your employer. Chances are it would come back to haunt you.

The universe often conspires in your favour when you’re diligent in your work regardless of circumstances.

There’s something that happens in the universe on your behalf when you’re simply diligent in your work. It’s almost unexplainable. Excellence attracts opportunities. You are not aware, but someone is watching you, someone is following your record. All you have to be is DILIGENT!

This may all seem patronizing to you and you wonder why you have to be the one behaving well and that evil boss seems to be going unscathed. Well I’m not here to convince you, the choice is yours.

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